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HP Latex 365 Graphics Printer
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  • High quality, durable prints for indoor or outdoor use

  • Eliminates overnight off gas time

  • materials from 10 inches to 64 inches

  • High production speeds for urgent jobs 

  • Prints on a wide variety of materials: adhesive vinyl, banner canvas, backlit vinyl, reflective substraits

  • Uses latex ink versus ecosolvent ink

  • Produces a more scratchproof print

  • More ecofriendly, does not require atmospheric venting of solvent fumes

  • Does not need to purge print heads every night, nearly eliminating ink waste

Royal Sovereign Laminator
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  • Adds lamination film to prints increasing durability, longevity, and warranty of materials, especially helpful for outdoor graphics

  • Designed to handle large prints, banners, posters, and signs

  • Intended for a hot or cold roll, meaning the heater can be turned on at any time to help with particular lamination materials

  • Designed for use with pressure sensitive laminating films, mounting adhesives, and backing films

  • Quick production

Graphtec Vinyl Cutter
  • Precisely cuts on a wide variety of materials, not just vinyl, such as tint, paper, and much more

  • Can draw on materials with the optional pen attachment

  • Uses up to 600 grams of force for cutting allowing us to cut thicker substraits like high visibility reflective

  • Cutting speed of 58.5" per second

  • Has a perforated cutting channel

  • Can produce kiss cut stickers

  • Has algorithms for scanning register marks

  • Next generation ARMS system that allows for accurate contour cutting or pre-printed images and decals

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